Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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How To Genrate SBI Virtual Credit Card(VCC),Features

How to generate SBI Virtual Credit Card(VCC): State Bank of India is one popular bank India SBI has provided VCC(Virtual Credit Card) facility so in this article we will discuss about how to generate SBI virtual credit card online.

Step by Step Procedure to Generate SBI VCC:

It is very important to note that the SBI Virtual Credit Card can be only generated if you have SBI Net Banking facility activated in your SBI Account. Here in this tutorial, we are provided you with the steps for creating the SBI Virtual credit card/debit card.

STEP 1: Firstly, visit the official website of SBI which is https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm

STEP 2: Then log in to your SBI Net Banking using your User ID & Password

STEP 3: After that Click on the “e-Card” tab available there

STEP 4: Then Click on Stare Bank Virtual Card 

STEP 5: Than Enter Virtual Card Limit (Min:100, Max:50000), Tick Mark T&c and Click Generate Button.

STEP 6: Verify Your Details And click on Generate Button.

that's it your virtual card has been generated successfully, now you can use this Virtual Credit Card(VCC)

Features of SBI Virtual Credit Card:

  • Risk Level is very low because here we are not provided our original credit card details.
  • SBI VCC is valid for 2 days only(48 Hour) after 48 hours you can't make any transaction.
  • No Any Kind of registration needed for Virtual Credit Card
  • Some Merchant only accepting visa Credit card so if don't have credit card then you cloud use these features.
  • This is Virtual, not a physical card so there is no chance for losing your card
  • You can do a hassle-free transaction using the State Bank of India Virtual Credit Card.
So, this tutorial was all about generating the SBI Virtual Credit Card. For more information related to SBI VCC then you can bookmark this web page.
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Saturday, January 19, 2019

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How To Block SBI ATM Card

Nowadays almost everyone is using ATM Cards for withdrawing money and for other transactions. ATM Debit Card has become a part of life to make payment anywhere and anytime. But what if your ATM card gets lost or stolen? At that moment you just wish to Block SBI ATM card as soon as possible. Sometimes what happens, who is close to you might steal your ATM card and withdraw money until your ATM balance is finished. Sometime or the other you must have been confused and worried regarding you ATM” What to DO”. So now, it is your time to enjoy freely, because we have brought not only one but many steps to block SBI ATM Card immediately.

If you ever lost your SBI Debit card then you don’t need to worry come what may. We are providing you with all necessary steps to block SBI ATM Card /debit card following. Undoubtedly you will use the following steps then you can block your SBI ATM cum debit card in less than a minute.

There are 4 ways to block SBI ATM: 

  • Via Internet Banking
  • Via SMS
  • Call Customer Care
  • Visite Brach
  • Via Email

1)Via Internet baking:

STEP 1: Visite Official Sbi website, login to your account.

STEP 2: Once you will see dashboard then click on “e-services”

STEP 3: Then click on the “ATM Card Service” option which is available on the left side.

STEP 4: After that Click on the “Block ATM Card” link

STEP 5: Then you need to select your account and click the “Continue” Button

STEP 6: Then SBI will ask you the reason, why you want to block the debit card So, provide the reason, also you can put a remark if there is any else leave it blank and click on“Submit” button

STEP 7: After that, you should select the authentication method 
2)Profile Password

STEP 8: here I have select One Time Password(OTP) so select this option so you have received OTP to your register mobile number enter this OTP.

 That's It, you have blocked the SBI ATM Cum Debit Card Successfully

2)Via SMS:

First, you have to send SMS BLOCK “0000” Last 04 digits number of your ATM Card to 567676 through your registered mobile number.

3)Call Customer Care:

This one is so simple to step to block ATM Card. Even you can also get in touch with SBI customer care helpline to block your SBI ATM Card at once. What you have to do just make a simple call to customer care on a toll-free number to block it.
  • Toll-Free Number: 1800112211 / 18004253800
  • Alternate Number: 080-26599990

4)Visite SBI Branch:

We provided all the methods to block ATM Card. So that you may easily able to block it, but even then if you are having any problem in the above methods. Then you can take a simple step towards NEAREST Home Branch to Block YOUR SBI ATM Card.

5)Via Email:

You can also get in touch with the SBI customer care DEPARTMENT to block your SBI ATM Card at once. What you have to do just SEND an Email at the given mentioned address.
  • Email Address: contactcentre@sbi.co.in
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    Thursday, January 10, 2019

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    How To Add Beneficiary In SBI

    Internet Banking users of SBI need to add the beneficiary in order to transfer money online from one account to another account. The process of adding Inter-bank or Intra-Bank Beneficiary in SBI is very simple.

    But before that, you should know that you can add a beneficiary to your net banking account:-
    • With Intra-bank Beneficiary Option (Transfer Funds within SBI)
    • With Inter-bank Beneficiary Option (Transfer Funds Outside SBI)

    Difference between Inter-Bank and Intra-Bank Beneficiary of SBI

    Internet banking users of SBI should understand the difference between Inter Bank Beneficiary and Intra Bank Beneficiary as it is important in the money transfer process. Simply people have only two options in the money sending process. Either they send money to the same bank account or they send money to different bank account. In simple words “Intra” means within an “Inter” means without. You can understand clearly about these from below:

    What is “Inter-bank” Beneficiary in SBI?

    Inter Bank Transfer funds enable electronic transfer of funds from the sender SBI account to the account of the beneficiary account maintained with any other Bank.

    For example: If you are an SBI net banking user and you are transferring money to any other bank account (Bank of Baroda, Axis etc). You can Inter Bank Transfer money with IMPS, RTGS or NEFT.

    What is “Intra Bank” Beneficiary in SBI?

    Intrabank transfer means transferring of money SBI account to a beneficiary account having which is available in the same bank.
    For example, A person who has a net banking account in SBI transferring money to the beneficiary account who also has an account in the SBI.

    How to Add Beneficiary in SBI Online

    In order to add a beneficiary in SBI account, one should have Internet banking with a valid user ID and password. On successful SBI login, you can add beneficiary in sbi (inter-bank beneficiary / intra-bank beneficiary) from profile option. You will see add Inter-Bank Beneficiary and Intra-Bank Beneficiary option using which you can add the beneficiaries and can transfer money easily. Now, check the complete procedure to add beneficiaries.

    Procedure to add a beneficiar in SBI – Inter-Bank Beneficiary:

    For the sake of adding an interbank beneficiary in SBI online, you will have to first activate SBI net banking account. Then, if you have activated your Internet Banking Account in SBI then follow below instructions step by step carefully.

    • Firstly, visit the SBI net banking login page https://www.onlinesbi.com/ & click on continue to log in.
    • Now, login to SBI Net Banking Account by using your username & password.
    • Then, click on Payments/Transfers mentioned on Top Menu.

    • Click on "Add&Manage Beneficiary under the Payment/Transfer Section

    • Enter Profile Password And Click on Submit Button,now you will see first 2 option 1)intra-Intra-Bank Beneficiary 2)inter-Bank Beneficiary here we are selecting inter-bank beneficiary so click on “Inter-Bank Beneficiary”. (Do similarly for Intra-Bank beneficiary).
    • Fill the required details & at last tick on I accept the Terms and Conditions

    • Thereafter, click on Approve Now to proceed to approve an interbank beneficiary.,Now click on Approve Beneficiary button.

    • Now there you will find two options named
      • (1) Approve through ATM (IRATA*)
      • (2) Approval through OTP.

    Approve Beneficiary Through ATM:

    If you are going to choose IRATA then, a number will be generated & shown on your screen. You will have to note this number & use it to approve the beneficiary through any SBI ATM. First, you will have to swipe your ATM Card in SBI ATM then put your PIN & follow these instructions: Services ->Others ->Inter Banking Request Approval->Enter the IRATA No.

    Approve Beneficiary Through OTP:

    If you go for this option then you will receive an OTP on your mobile. Then you will have to or need to enter that OTP number in the space provided. Finally, the beneficiary will be approved.

    Now you will get a message saying that you have successfully added & a new beneficiary for the transfer of funds from your accounts Within 4 hours
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    Sunday, January 6, 2019

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    How to Reset SBI Net Banking Password

    SBI Internet Banking Password –: The work which used to take must time to be completed now; you can do that work within the time. To save this precious time we do everything online. One of the internet faculty Internet banking is very important in this era. This helps us to save our lot of time, but it has some advantages and some disadvantages.

    Many times it happens that we forget our internet banking password and all our work stops altogether, which depends on internet banking. Now you don’t need to worry about it at all because we have brought some simple steps. So that, you may get rid of such problems as fast as possible and start doing your work.

    So, if unfortunately you have forgotten your SBI Internet Banking password and you have stopped working. Then do not panic at all. Because we are here to help and going to tell you though this article that all the steps to reset SBI net banking password. Which will help you to get rid of this problem, even you will come to know how easily you can reset your SBI internet banking password again.

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    Thursday, January 3, 2019

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    SBI Charges And Fees

    As we know, State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the best banks. Last month, the State Bank of India (SBI) has changed some of the rules related to the fee. According to this rule, charges will be applicable to many services of State Bank of India such as cash transactions, ATM withdrawal, issue of checkbooks, online fund transfer, Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) and exchange of soiled notes. From 1 June 2017, charges will be imposed on all these services. State Bank of India has made it clear to all its mobile wallet State Bank Buddy user that on June 1, 2017, every ATM Card will have to pay Rs. 25 will be charged. Free transactions are as follows:

    Savings account holders can make 8 transactions (5 times from SBI Bank ATM and 3 times from other Bank ATM) in the Metro Cities and 10 times (5 times from SBI Bank ATM and 5 times from other Bank ATMs) in non- Metro city. If any Indian State Bank customers do any transactions other than this, then they will have to pay.

    The changes made to the services by the State Bank of India are as follows: (SBI New ATM Charges)

    New Charges of Cash withdrawal

    As per the new rule of State Bank of India, all original savings bank account holders will get free withdrawal facility only 4 times (including ATM withdrawals) in 1 month. The additional transaction will be charged at Rs.50 and the service fee will be charged from the branch of the State Bank of India and Rs.20 from the ATMs of other banks and the service charges separately.

    SBI New ATM Charges

    If any State Bank of India will issue ATM Card after 1 June 2017, then customers have to ATM Debit Card Fee. Only RuPay Classic Card account holder will be given a discount.

    New Charges on Online Fund Transfer

    If an SBI customer transmits an online fund transfer from 1K to 10K  by IMPS, then they will have to pay Rs.1* plus service on each transaction separately. And Rs.2* for service transactions between 1L to 2 lakh and service tax, Rs.3* per transaction for 10L lakh to 20L lakh and service tax.

    New Charge on Cheque book

    After 1 June 2017, Savings Bank account holders will also be charged for issue of a new checkbook. These charges are as follows:
    • Rs. 30 service fee on the 10-leaf checkbook.
    • For 25-Leaf Cheque book, customer have to pay a service charge of Rs 75/
    • For 50-Leaf Cheque book, customer have to pay a service charge of Rs 150/-

    Charge on an exchange of soiled notes

    According to the new rule of State Bank of India, if any SBI client exchanges dirty / torn notes, then customers have to pay extra charges. These charges are as follows:
    • If someone exchanges 20 dirty / torn notes whose value is up to 5,000 then it is charge-free.
    • On exchanging over 20 dirty / torn notes, you have to pay a service fee as:
      • Rs.2 on every note
      • or Rs.5 amount of each Rs.1,000.

    New Charges on Cash transaction through banking correspondents

    If SBI Customer deposits to Rs 10000/- in SBI then he will not have to pay any charges. On depositing more than this, customers has to pay 0.25% or minimum Rs. 2 and maximum Rs. 8 as service tax.

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    Saturday, December 29, 2018

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    SBI Net Banking Registration

    How to Activate SBI Net Banking:

    Before moving ahead to the registration process, let’s cover all the Frequently Asked Question Related to SBI Net Banking Action.

    SBI Net Banking Activation – FAQ’s

    Q.1)  Can I apply for SBI Net Banking without visiting the branch?
    Q.2)  How can I Activate SBI Net Banking?
    Q.3) How do I proceed to complete SBI Net Banking Registration?
    Q.4) How do I get my SBI Internet Banking Username & Password?
    Q.5) Can I Login to SBI Online Net Banking without KIT?
    These are the major question related to SBI Net Banking Action. The answer to all the above-mentioned question has been described below. Just go ahead and read it, we are sure that you will find your answer and you will be satisfied with the answer.

    Steps to Activate SBI Net Banking:

    Net banking provides us with many benefits for our banking activities. We can maintain our account and perform several bank transactions along with balance inquiry, cheque book request etc. without visiting the bank. Same as, if we want to activate SBI net banking without visiting a bank branch, then we can also do it easily from SBI official portal. It is very simple to activate SBI net banking. Now, just follow the simple steps given below to activate the SBI Net banking very easily:-
    Note: If you have already got Pre-Printed Kit (PPK) from the SBI branch for activating Internet Banking facility, then you don’t proceed with “New User Registration” link. You can enter your user ID and the password given in PP Kit on the login screen.

    Offline Method – By Visiting SBI Bank Branch:

    STEP 1: Firstly, SBI customer need to visit the SBI home branch and fill the form for Internet Banking Activation 

    STEP 2: When you will register for internet banking service then you will receive the SBI internet banking activation KIT Via speed post. 

    STEP 3: Once you will receive the internet banking activation KIT then go to the official website of SBI. 
    The official website of SBI is https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm

    Since you are Login for the first time, therefore you need to take care of following things so that you can easily activate SBI net banking.

    Firstly, you need to create a net banking “User ID” 
    Secondly, you need to create a net banking “Password”
    Thirdly, you will need a “Profile Password”

    STEP 4: Once you will visit the official website of SBI, you need to click on the “Login” button of the personal banking section. 

    STEP 5: Then click on “Continue to login” button
    Then enter then “USER ID” – provided in Internet Banking KIT by SBI to activate SBI Net banking
    After that enter, the “PASSWORD” – provided in Internet Banking KIT
    Then click on the “Log in” button 

    STEP 6: Once you will be successfully logged in, then you can create a desired “USERNAME” & “PASSWORD” Also, you can create a “PROFILE PASSWORD”
    Finally, memorize your “USERNAME”, “PASSWORD” & “PROFILE PASSWORD”
    Also, you can write in your diary or a safer place from where you can retrieve it in future

    Online Method – By without Visiting Bank Branch / Visiting the official website:

    Now it’s possible to register for SBI Net Banking Online. Earlier, if you had to activate SBI net banking, it was mandatory that you had to go to the bank branch and fill up the internet banking activation form but now it is not necessary. Now you can activate your net banking only after sitting at home, there is no need to go to the bank branch to do this. In this method, “NOT ACTIVATION KIT will be required“. Just follow the steps given below and activate your SBI Internet Banking in a few moments:

    Visiting Official Website

    STEP 1: Firstly, you go to the State Bank’s official website – www.onlinesbi.com 

    STEP 2; You will see the option of “New User Registration” in the Personal Banking section, just click on that option.

    STEP 3: As soon as you click on “New User Registration“, you will see a popup that says:
    “If you have already received Pre-Printed Kit from the branch for activating INB facility, Please do not proceed with this link. You can input user id  and password given in PPK on the normal login screen.”

    STEP 4: You just click on the “OK” button 

    Filling the SBI Net Banking Registration Form

    STEP 5:After that, a form will open where you have to fill the following things:

    • Account Number
    • CIF Number (You will get this from your State Bank Passbook)
    • Bank
    • Branch Code (You will get this also from your Passbook)
    • Country
    • Registered Mobile Number
    • Facility Required (Select the option of Full Transaction Rights)
    • Enter the text as shown in the image
    Then click the “Submit” button

    STEP 6: After submission of the above details, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP into the website text box field and then click on the proceed button. 

    STEP 7: On successful validation and verification of OTP, you will see the internet banking page that displays two options;
    I have my ATM card (Online registration without branch visit).
    I do not have my ATM card (INB activation by branch).

    Using Debit Card for Registration Process

    1. You will need to choose the first option for online activation “I have my ATM card (Online registration without branch visit” and then click proceed. (In case you choose 2nd option than the login password will reach at your registered address in an envelope within a maximum of 10 days by post).
    2. Then, SBI payment gateway page will open where you will have to fill your debit card details such as Name printed on the card, card number, validity-thru/Expiry Date, ATM PIN & the captcha then click ‘submit’ button.
    3. After successful validation, the secured system will display your temporary username.

    Creating Password for New SBI Net Banking

    1. Then the system will prompt you to set a new net banking login password for your SBI account. Now, enter a new password, confirm it again and then click submit.
    2. Once you set the password, you will see a message on the screen displayed that “Successfully registered for Internet Banking”.
    3. Then, you will get the temporary username with PPK Number on your registered mobile number. You should note that the temporary username is given for the first time login and you should change it on the first

     Benefits of Activating SBI Internet Banking

    There are so many benefits of SBI Net Banking. Once you activate SBI Net banking, you can do hassle free transaction without visiting SBI Branch. Check all the benefits of activating SBI Net Banking below:-

    Check Account Statement

    Earlier you need to visit your SBH Branch and make an updated entry in your “SBI Passbook” to see the account statement. Once you activate your State Bank of India Net Banking Service then it will be easy for you to check the account statement anytime you want. You do not need to go anywhere now to check your account statement.

    Get e-Statement

    an e-statement is an internet banking which allows you to get your account statement on your email id.  You can register yourself to receive an e-statement of your State Bank of India Bank Account on different time frequency. You can set the frequency of e-statement daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or half yearly.

    Stop Cheque Payment

    Suppose you have lost one of your cheque which you have filled to give someone or suppose you have given a cheque to someone and found that the person you have given the cheque is a fraud. In that case, you would surely want to make a request to stop the cheque. But if you do not have the internet banking facility then you have to visit your SBI branch and submit a letter to bank requesting them to stop the cheque with specific cheque number. But, if you have the internet banking facility then you can do this task very easily.

    Funds Transfer in your Own SBI A/c

    Using SBI Net Banking you can transfer funds to your own another SBI Account i.e Loan Account etc. For that, you need not visit the bank.

    Intra Bank Fund Transfer (SBI to SBI)

    Intra Bank Fund transfer Term is used for transferring the funds within a bank. For Example, if you and your friend both have an account in state bank of India and you need to transfer the funds to your friend. In that case, you can transfer the funds to your friends using SBI Intra Bank Fund Transfer. For that, you need to do SBI Login and go to “payment/transfers” and click on “within SBI Transfer”

    Inter Bank Fund Transfer (SBI to Others)

    Unlike Intra Bank Fund Transfer, In Inter Bank Fund transfer you can send funds to other bank’s account also. Just add the beneficiary and start sending payments.

    International Funds Transfer

    International Fund transfer is one of the best features of SBI Net Banking.  If you have sbi net banking facility activated in your account then you can easily transfer funds to your Son / Daughter studying in abroad or your relative living in abroad.

    Credit Card Bill Payment

    If you have a credit card (offered by any bank) then you can make payment for a credit card using the internet banking facility of SBI.

    SBI Life Premium Payment

    If you are having an SBI Life Policy then using the internet banking facility of SBI you can make payment of policy premium. Now you need not hand over the policy premium payment to any agent or you need to visit the sbi branch to make the payment. Just login to SBI and make the policy premium payment.

    Top Up Recharges

    If you have internet banking enabled and activated in your SBI then you can make “Top Up Recharge” directly from your SBI Account.

    Open e-TDR / e-STDR Fixed Deposit

    If you want to open e-TDR / e-STDR fixed deposit then you can use the net banking facility.

    Open New e-RD / e-SBI Flexi Deposit

    To open a new e-RD / e-SBI flexi deposit with state bank of India you should access the SBI Internet Banking.

    Open e-Annuity Deposits

    SBI customers can also open an e-Annuity Deposit with the help of internet banking facility.

    TDS Enquiry

    If you need information about your TDS then you can use the Internet Banking facility.

    View & pay State Govt. Taxes / Indirect Taxes

    Earlier, when someone has to make payment for state Govt. taxes then, they used to visit the tax office to make the payment of the tax for but it’s easier with internet banking facility.

    View Income Tax Statement

    With the help of SBI Net banking, you can view your income tax statement. To do this just login to your SBI Internet Banking then go to “e-tax” option and finally click on “View Income Tax Statement”

    Reprint Challan

    If you someone who have sbi internet banking and he/she lost the “Challan” then he/she can reprint the challan by using State Bank of India Net Banking service.

    Link Aadhar Number with SBI

    Aadhar is one the important document these days. Without Aadhar your life is incomplete. All the private and government banks in India made Aadhar compulsory. Everyone has to link their Aadhar Card with the bank account. So, using internet banking facility it’s easier to link the aadhar card without visiting the bank branch and standing in the queue.

    Link LPG ID with SBI

    To get the benefit of direct subsidy transfer, you need to link your LPD ID With Bank. Using the internet banking facility of State Bank of India, you can link lpg id.

    Apply Online for Social Security Schemes (PMJJBY, PMSBY, ABY)

    Our prime minister has launched many social schemes like PMJJBY, PMSBY, ABY. You can apply and take benefits of these schemes using the net banking feature.

    Link PAN with SBI

    If you have not liked your PAN with your SBI then you can do this right now with the help of SBI net banking.

    Send request for New Cheque book

    I personally like this feature the most. Earlier, when my I used all the leaf of the chequebook then it’s a real problem for me to visit the branch and write an application requesting SBI to issue a new chequebook. But once I activated the SBI Net Banking then it takes me just 60 seconds to request a new chequebook with the help of Internet Banking facility. “SBI Internet Banking facility is really a boon for a lazy person like me”.

    So this was all about “Activate SBI Net Banking“. If you like this guide then share this article with all your friends on social media. Also, you can bookmark this web page for latest updates.

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    Friday, December 28, 2018

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    Reset SBI Netbanking Login Password Without AMT And Profile Password

    How to Change SBI Internet Banking Login Password: Hello dear user today we are here to guide you that “How to Change SBI internet Banking Login Password. As you know that it’s very necessary to keep secrete your password. So that you may not have any loss, but occasionally it happens. In spite of hiding it thousand times, someone or the other comes to know about it anyhow. At that time you fear to think how to change it as soon as possible. So, now it’s time to be free altogether because we have brought some simple steps. Which will help you to change SBI Internet Banking Login password within time? So, if you are an internet banking user, then you can secure your internet banking password.

    To keep your internet banking password secure, keep it changing from time to time. Even by doing this you will be able to save your account from hacking. In the era we are living, internet banking is mandatory and useful. Using Internet Banking, we can easily do a lot of our work. It saves our very important time and energy. Therefore it is very important to keep your internet banking password secure. But there are many people who never pay attention to this and do not change their internet banking password. It is very important to change SBI password from time to time. So in this tutorial, we are going to tell how we can change SBI internet login banking password in a few moments without any hassle even know the benefits of using Internet Banking.

    Steps to reset Online SBI forgot Login Password for Personal Banking Account

    STEP 1: First of all, go to SBI’s official website – www.onlinesbi.com

    STEP 2: After that, you click the Personal Banking option as mentioned in the picture.

    STEP 3: Now new login screen would appear on your system, click on "forgot login Password" link,

    • STEP 5: After clicking on "forgot login password " link popup windows will appear on screen Click on "Forgot Login Password" From Dropdown list and click on next button

    • STEP 6: Fill your details very carefully as  User Name, Account Number, Select Country, Enter Registered Mobile No., Date of Birth and then enter the Captcha thereafter click on the Submit button.

    STEP 7: Now, OTP Will send on register mobile number so enter this OTP and click on confirm button

    STEP 8: There 3 ways to reset sbi login password

    1)Using ATM Card Details
    2)Using Profile Password
    3)Without ATM Card and profile password

    Select Any option as per your choice 

    STEP 8: Here we are selecting using Profile Password so enter your profile password you will get a new window where you have to set you news login password

    Note: If You select without ATM Card and Profile Password then

    Now you will get TWO options:
    • Reset You Login Password at Branch
    • Receive New Login Password by Post.

    You can select any of the above options; if you choose the first option then you will have to visit the SBI branch to reset your login password. If the second one then you will get your new password by post within 15 days.

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