Tuesday, December 25, 2018

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SBI ATM Pin Generation Online

The Government of India has been introduced "Pradhan Matri Jan Dhan Yojana" Indian citizen can open a bank account by 0(Zero) Rp as well as government of India also introduce "Rupay Card" so every person open account and received ATM card(Rupay) but many of them are don't know how to generate ATM Pin First time. Most off People have open "Jan Dhan" account in SBI
                            SBI(State Bank Of India) is one of the top government banks in India(42 Cr Customer).on this article we showed you full procedure about SBI ATM Pin Generation Online

There are 4 Ways to Generate ATM Pin:

1)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via Internet Banking
2)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via SMS
3)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via Machin
4)SBI ATm Pin Generation Via IVR

1)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via Internet Banking

2)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via SMS
STEP 1: Visite Official SBI Internet Banking Website https://retail.onlinesbi.com/retail/login.htm
Enter Your Username, Password, and Login to your account.

STEP2: Navigate to the "e-services" tab here you cloud find "ATM  Card Service" Click on this.

STEP 3: here you should see 5 ATM card Services Click on "ATM Pin Generation"

STEP 4: Now You have validated your account via either "profile password" or "One Time 
Password." choose mode as per your choice

STEP 5: Select Your account number, Click on Continue

STEP 6: Select your ATM Card and click on continue

STEP 7: Enter 2 Digits Desired Pin(Last Two Digits Send to your registered mobile number)

STEP 8: Enter 4 digits Pin(Enter first 2 digits set by you followed by 2 digits received by SMS),click on submit button

Example: IF You enter Digit 88 and your revived 2 digits via SMS is 22 so your pin would be 8822


That's it, you generated SBI ATM pin Successfully 

2)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via SMS:

STEP 1: Type <PIN Last 4 Digits of ATM card, last 4 digits of an account number> and send to the 567676 

Demo: PIN 4444 5555 to the 567676

Where, 4444: Last 4 Digits of ATM card
            5555: Last 4 Digits of the Account number

After Sending this messages you will receive 4 digits Pin this Pin is valid for 2 days so you have compulsory change this Pin Within 2 days. That's it

3)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via Phone Call(IVR):

STEP 1: Dial 18004253800 from your registered mobile number.

STEP 2: choose ATM Pin Generation from IVR, it's asking for ATM Card number, Bank account number, so enter this very carefully

STEP 3: Voila, You should receive 4 digits Pin you your register mobile number

Note: You have created new pin via SBI ATM Machin With help of this 4 digits code(You will find his option on sbi ATM Machin)

4)SBI ATM Pin Generation Via ATM Machin:

STEP 1: Insert your ATM Card in Machin here you should find "Pin Generation option" click on this.
STEP 2: Now it's asking your 11 digits SBI account, enter this account number and confirm 

STEP 3: Now it's asking your  10 digits registered mobile number, enter this and confirm

STEP 4: Now you should receive OTP(One Time Password) enter this OTP , Voila you will receive your ATM card Pin to your registered mobile number.

Note: You have compulsory Change this Pin within 2 days


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