Saturday, January 19, 2019

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How To Block SBI ATM Card

Nowadays almost everyone is using ATM Cards for withdrawing money and for other transactions. ATM Debit Card has become a part of life to make payment anywhere and anytime. But what if your ATM card gets lost or stolen? At that moment you just wish to Block SBI ATM card as soon as possible. Sometimes what happens, who is close to you might steal your ATM card and withdraw money until your ATM balance is finished. Sometime or the other you must have been confused and worried regarding you ATM” What to DO”. So now, it is your time to enjoy freely, because we have brought not only one but many steps to block SBI ATM Card immediately.

If you ever lost your SBI Debit card then you don’t need to worry come what may. We are providing you with all necessary steps to block SBI ATM Card /debit card following. Undoubtedly you will use the following steps then you can block your SBI ATM cum debit card in less than a minute.

There are 4 ways to block SBI ATM: 

  • Via Internet Banking
  • Via SMS
  • Call Customer Care
  • Visite Brach
  • Via Email

1)Via Internet baking:

STEP 1: Visite Official Sbi website, login to your account.

STEP 2: Once you will see dashboard then click on “e-services”

STEP 3: Then click on the “ATM Card Service” option which is available on the left side.

STEP 4: After that Click on the “Block ATM Card” link

STEP 5: Then you need to select your account and click the “Continue” Button

STEP 6: Then SBI will ask you the reason, why you want to block the debit card So, provide the reason, also you can put a remark if there is any else leave it blank and click on“Submit” button

STEP 7: After that, you should select the authentication method 
2)Profile Password

STEP 8: here I have select One Time Password(OTP) so select this option so you have received OTP to your register mobile number enter this OTP.

 That's It, you have blocked the SBI ATM Cum Debit Card Successfully

2)Via SMS:

First, you have to send SMS BLOCK “0000” Last 04 digits number of your ATM Card to 567676 through your registered mobile number.

3)Call Customer Care:

This one is so simple to step to block ATM Card. Even you can also get in touch with SBI customer care helpline to block your SBI ATM Card at once. What you have to do just make a simple call to customer care on a toll-free number to block it.
  • Toll-Free Number: 1800112211 / 18004253800
  • Alternate Number: 080-26599990

4)Visite SBI Branch:

We provided all the methods to block ATM Card. So that you may easily able to block it, but even then if you are having any problem in the above methods. Then you can take a simple step towards NEAREST Home Branch to Block YOUR SBI ATM Card.

5)Via Email:

You can also get in touch with the SBI customer care DEPARTMENT to block your SBI ATM Card at once. What you have to do just SEND an Email at the given mentioned address.
  • Email Address:


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